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PK10 PVC Kerb
As this product is made from recycled waste plastics, there are few things that lead to destroying nature. Especially in the case of kerb, there will be a lot of natural damage in the process of collecting stone. And there will be a breakthrough in the improvement of the industrial environment with technologies that can improve environmental pollution and the public health protection during processing.

-standard L 1000 x W 250 x T 200 mm

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The state-of-the-art technology of this product is not only in terms of environmental preservation improvement, but also technically requires continuous research and development. Maintain the highest level of continuous technology and quality through the cultivation of the best technology talents.


PVC Kerb

PVC kerbs are available in various colors.

보차도경계석 사진
보차도경계석 단면도
횡단용 경계석A
보차도경계석 사진
보차도경계석 단면도
횡단용 경계석B
보차도경계석 사진
보차도경계석 단면도
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