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The Egyptian contract was signed today by the Vice Minister of Defense, MOMP, at the Egyptian Government building on September 17, 2018.

MOMP, Ministry of Military Production /  Vice Minister Mr.Hassan Ahmed Abd Elmagied and Caris Guardrail Co.,Ltd have contract which is “KEDA”(Korean Egyptian Development Association)Kang Woong-sik appointed the world's first commercialized plastic (P.V.C) road guard fence (Guardrail) to the entire Egypt region and signed a contract to construct a local joint venture factory. 

 The Egyptian government, which acknowledged the superiority of the plastic guardrail products of the Caris guardrail, decided that the Egyptian government would be the sole supplier of the Caris guardrail products. In the future, the PVC (PVC) guard rail of the Caris guardrail We have officially signed on to install exclusive monopoly.

In addition, the Egyptian government has agreed to establish a large-scale plant to cooperate with Caris Guardrail to enter Egypt and to make it a forward base for targeting the Middle East Gulf region and Africa market. And agreed on mutual agreement.

It is the first time in Korea's history that it is officially MOA (contract), and that Korean companies have signed contracts with government agencies that are not Egyptian private companies in the field of guardrail transport.


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