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[Overseas market]Sign an MOA with Uzbekistan's Transport Authority
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Hello, all of you who love Caris.

Caris has made a truly great history.

No other company in the world, not just Korea, has ever signed a contract with the Korea Highway Corporation or the National Highway Traffic Agency.

However, we have signed an MOU with the Uzbekistan Highway Corporation, which is officially attended by Uzbekistan's Transport Minister.

The MOA content is
1. Officially agreed to establish a joint venture with Uzbekistan's Road Traffic Authority.

2. Our caris has decided to deliver 100,000 km of road 175,000 km of Uzbekistan where guardrails can be installed. It is stated in the MOA.

3. First of all, we'll supply you two lines of 60 kilometers on the presidential road.

4. When the Uzbek government chooses a shareholder, it will establish a local corporation.

Congratulations to all of you who love Caris.

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