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[MK]Caris has selected 'Shinhan Financial Investment' as a representative agency for their special listing. 04-11   33 카리스
[The Korea Herald]Caris Guardrail Co., Ltd is on "The Korea Herald News" 12-27   14 카리스레일
[MK]Signied a contract to Establish a Cement Factory in Caracal Parkstan, Uzbek 05-21   8 카리스
[Current News Time] Published that Philippines Undersecretary Has Visited Our Company 06-05   73 카리스레일
[Dong-A Daily News] Aim for Global Market of 106 Trillion with the Plastic Guardrail Stronger than the Steel 06-05   75 카리스레일
[Korea Transportation Safety Authority] Test Report of Crash by Korea Transportation Safety Authority(2017. 07. 25) 06-05   50 카리스레일
[Korea Transportation Safety Authority] Crash Test Passed Video(2017.07.14) 06-05   76 카리스레일
[Nara Expo] YTN News Image for Caris Guardrail Products 06-05   163 카리스레일
[Preview KOPPEX 2017] Will show Guardrail, Noise Barrier, Lagging Pannel and the Various Products 06-05   52 카리스레일
[Growing Company in Spotlight] Arternative for overcoming the recession is "marketing" 06-05   61 카리스레일
Management in Affinity and Technology, "Excellent" 06-05   62 카리스레일
[Best Promising Company] Developed first PVC guardrail in the world 06-05   64 카리스레일
[Company in Spotlight] Attention as a company has developed first PVC guardrail in the world 06-05   66 카리스레일
[Article] Awarded in management of innovation in techniques 06-05   60 카리스레일
[Article] Nominated for the promising company 06-05   60 카리스레일
Headquarters: 24, Shindo Arc Latium, Citizen Road, Uijongbu City, Gyeonggi-do, Korea Caris co.,Ltd (490, Uijeongbu-dong)
Factory: 415, Jangryang-ri, Bugi-myeon, Cheongwon-gu, Cheongju-si
FAX : +82 2 6925 5859