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Recruit investors of Caris Co.,Ltd
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I am going to post it once again for new members. Maybe it's something you already know.

Please note 19 ~ 21.


This is ‘CARIS’.


  1. 1. We have developed plastic guard rails and succeeded in mass production.

  2. 2. Existing products have only the nature of rigidity, and there is no function such as shock absorption.

       Therefore, there are a lot of casualties. Our products are made of five rib structure.

        Shock absorption function can reduce many casualties.

  3. 3. Our products have the function of glow in the dark at night by absorbing the light in the daytime of the guard rail.

  4. 4. Existing products change color for about 3 years for a certain time, but our products do not change color after 30 ~ 40 years.

  5. 5. Existing product has only rigidity, It cannot match the product level of our guard rails. Our products have

       succeeded in the mass production of the advanced guardrail which can decompose exhaust gas and fine dust of

       automobile for the first time in the world.

  1. 6. Despite its excellent function, the cost of our products is very low compared to steel guard rails.

  2. 7. We are the only company in the world to produce plastic guard rails, so it is a stand-alone product with no

       competition anywhere in the world.

  3. 8. Our products have been evaluated by the Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund, but until now there have not

       been more than 3 billion won in valuation so far. Our guard rail has received a technology valuation exceeding

       the greatest amount of 5.24 billion won.

  4. 9. Our products have been selected as excellent innovation products by the PPS.

  5. 10. Our products have been recognized as an excellent technology company by Nice D & B Credit Rating.

  6. 11. Our products have been certified as safe guard rails for the first time in Korea and are registered as safety guard

        rails in International Road Association (I.R.F).

  7. 12. Our products have been approved to pass the US test as well as domestic test.

  8. 13. We have already entered the domestic market, We have supplied our products to Hwaseong City Hall and Yeosu,

         Jeju Island, Jinju Incheon and Ganghwa Island.

         Recently, we have contracted and delivered our products to the car track of Pocheon F1 stadium class.

         In addition, we are expanding the domestic market such as Jeju Island and Ulsan Taehwa River.

         Road construction workers visit our construction site to see our products, and as they see, our products will

         quickly make inroads into the domestic markets.

  9. 14. We have been operating in overseas markets rather than in domestic markets, As a result, we contracted a very

         large quantity and amount of money that we cannot afford. (To be released to shareholders in the future)

  10. 15. Our company and our products have already been reported on many news, terrestrial broadcasting has been

         reported among the media, and many reports have been made on newspapers.

  11. 16. When our articles were reported on Dong-A Ilbo, our value was reported to be 106 trillion won.

         We think it is more than 300 trillion markets a year if combine underdeveloped countries and developing

         countries. Our products have the world's unique technology. So it is monopoly, production, sales. That’s why the

         accounting corporation was rated as the best blue ocean product of the 21st century.

  12. 17. We will make a free capital increase and a capital increase step-by-step

  13. 18. We will prepare for listing on the KOSDAQ as soon as possible.

  14. 19. Caris won the first Innovation Award in the world from the International Road Federation (IRF).

  15. 20. Caris was awarded the Jang Young-sil Award, who received large corporations and scientists.

  16. 21. Caris has signed a huge contract ahead of April’s announcement.

  17. 22. Caris is DPWH approved in the Philippines.

  18. 23. We will do our best to make our company and its employees as a global company.



    CEO Yu, Cheol.

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